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Simple and effective solution for weight loss !!!!!

Myths and Facts – weight loss !!!!! Lose weight, not health !!!!!!!

Never lose hope and sight of your health !!!!!! Lose weight in a simple and effective way

Simple and effective solution for weight loss !!!!!

Do people need Branded shoes, membership in high-end gyms, long workouts, costly treatments/ surgeries, shakes, supplements for weight loss or they need something else? Here is your realistic Goal card.

GOAL CARD:-Journey from Over Weight to Ideal Weight

Say a person’s present weight is 100 kg and Ideal weight is 75 Kg and the duration taken is 12 months. His/her monthly target of weight loss is around 2 kilograms.

Setting a simple or realistic goal will always yield positive results and help you stay focused. Branded shoes, slimming centers, Fitness apps, Gadgets, Shakes, Food Supplements, etc. alone are not enough for weight loss but fixing the goal and time horizon are very critical.

Why do people lose hope so quickly or frequently change methods/strategies and expect overnight miracles? Weight loss is the science of calorie burning and understanding of the contributory factors is not simple arithmetic. Following a simple and scientific routine will yield long-term and sustainable results.

Filling the Goal Card is the First Step towards your Weight Loss Journey.

Weight-loss – Strategies

Too many plans, strategies, supplements, products, treatments for weight loss are flooding the market today. But yet health risks associated with overweight or obesity are on the rise day by day. Irrespective of age, nationality, income levels, all are victims of this epidemic. 
Which strategy to select, which method to adopt, is there any easy way to lose weight are some of the many questions crossing the minds’ of anyone and everyone aspiring to lose weight. Ironically, such an important decision related to one’s health and wellness is in the hands of friends, relatives, search engines, advertisements, testimonials, reports, etc. published on social or mass media.

Before you choose to lose weight, pay attention to 3 MAJOR POINTS.

1.The reason for your weight gain can be attributed to hormonal imbalances, stress and strain, eating disorders, life style, sleep deprivation, emotional imbalance, lack of physical activity, major surgery.
2. How serious you are about your weight loss or well being.
3. What is stopping you – lack of motivation, poor strategy, lack of support from family and friends.or any other reason.

Unless and until one nails the exact issue, he or she can not  achieve the desired goal. Well friends, there is no right or wrong strategy, no magic pill, no quick fixes. We, at Kalorielab, will take you through a Scientific and long term Weight Loss Journey.

Just Lose Weight, not your Health and Wellness!!!