About Us, We are KalorieLab.

We provide you the Inspiration and Information to be healthy. We have been on the forefront of “Healthy-Eating” movement for more than 5 years. Our experts offer delicious recipes, balanced nutritional advice, thought-provoking stories and new ways to make healthy choices more exciting. We are about moderation and balance – Not strict rules or Fad diets – Because for healthy eating to become a way of life, it should be accessible, sustainable, inspiring and above all Delicious.

We are based in Vijayawada, where we are surrounded by robust local, sustainable food culture, farm-to-table restaurants and a renowned craft beer and cider scene.

KalorieLab’s Mission –  “Be Healthy”

“Avoid hurting your body with unhealthy foods, sub-optimal calories and bad habits.”

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KalorieLab’s ever-growing Collection of recipes and Meal plans are carefully developed and rigorously tested in the KalorieLab by our team of Culinary Professionals and qualified Dietitians. Before we publish a recipe, it must meet the following criterias.

  1.   It has to taste good.
  2.  It needs to meet our Nutrition parameters . We analyze the nutrition data of every recipe we develop and carefully consider each  ingredient we call for to ensure that we are making recipes that not only taste good, but that are also good for you.
  3. Finally, the recipe has to be dependable – Meaning that when you are making it at home, the recipe should be easy to follow and it should work, every single time.

Our Team of Experts

KalorieLab team includes industry-leading food and nutrition editors, qualified dietitians, expert test Kitchen staff and designers who produce award-winning and engaging content across multitude of platforms.

Kalorie Lab